The Genesis Ventures fund, managed by Genesis Biomed, has invested a total of €325,000 in five start-ups, spin-offs and projects in the biomedical field during its first year of existence.

As Josep Lluís Falcó, founder and CEO of Genesis Biomed, explains “we have shown our commitment to projects in early phases, providing our investment and know-how in order to add value to these projects”.

During 2019, Genesis Ventures aims to invest in 10 more projects or companies to complete its €1.2 million investment fund. The tickets vary between €50,000 to €100,000 per investment.

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GlyCardial Diagnostics have received €1.9 million of the SME Instrument phase II funding, in the framework of H2020 programme, to advance in the development of its novel test for the early detection of cardiac ischemia.

"So amazing to have it approved in our first trial. It is highly motivating to see that the EU trusts in our project as much as we do" says Dr Judit Cubedo, CEO at Glycardial.

Founded in 2017 by Prof Lina Badimon, Dr Judit Cubedo, Dr Teresa Padró and Dr Gemma Vilahur, Glycardial is a spin-off of the Research Institute of the Hospital ...

Spiral Therapeutics, CataloniaBio & HealthTech member, secured $3.7 million as part of a Series A financing round co-led by Savoir Capital and Camden Partners to continue to advance its pipeline.

Specifically, the clinical stage pharmaceutical company will initiate the Phase I clinical trial of LPT99, its lead investigational drug candidate targeting prevention and treatment of hearing loss.

Spiral was launched in early 2016 by Hugo Peris and is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. Its R&D lab is located in Barcelona. Peris is a board member of Salvat.

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RheoDx, a CataloniaBio & HealthTech member, has opened a round of investment to raise €350,000 on the Capital Cell crowdfunding platform. The funds will go to finish technical development of a portable medical device that improves monitoring of patients with haematological diseases (anaemia, liquid cancer, clotting disorders, etc.). 

This medical device can detect anomalies in blood cells immediately and affordably, from just one drop of blood. It is a patented technology that came out of research led by professor Aurora Hernández-Machado with Centre de Recerca Matemàtica.   

RheoDx was created in 2018 by Oliver Balcells, CEO; Samantha López ...

Ability Pharma has raised €1,230,000 in crowdfunding through Capital Cell. This is the largest round the platform has raised so far. The campaign opened in early September.

This round is bridge funding towards a round to raise between €3 million and €5 million in venture capital to complete phase II clinical trials on the drug ABTL0812 for lung and endometrial cancer in Spain and France.

ABTL0812 is administered in combination with chemotherapy as a first-line therapy and maintenance therapy.

Both Ability Pharma and Capital Cell are members of CataloniaBio & HealthTech.

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