Over 150 companies devoted to research and innovation in health

CataloniaBio & HealthTech is the association of companies in the biomedicine and health arena in Catalonia. Its mission is to promote research, development and innovation (R&D&i) to help the business fabric generate new products and services in biopharmaceuticals, medical technology and digital health to improve people’s wellbeing.

The association was created in 2017 through the merger of CataloniaBio and the HealthTech Cluster. The association currently has 150 member companies and collaborating agents, including hospitals, research centres and universities that are leaders in biomedical R&D&i.

The profile of member companies ranges from microenterprises to SMEs and large corporations developing products (drugs medical devices, diagnostic tests, etc.), scientific services, non-scientific services and knowledge generators.

These are the core values on which CataloniaBio & HealthTech bases its activity:

  • Dialogue and support: CataloniaBio & HealthTech’s work focuses on acting as a platform at the service of the companies, bringing together ideas, opinions, initiatives and knowledge, through which we defend the interests of the sector before stakeholders.
  • Proximity and trust: we strive to be a body that is useful and close to members, transparent, that listens and collects the sector’s needs to incorporate them into our area of action and contribute to the on-going progress of biomedical companies.
  • Collaboration: we facilitate relations among companies and professionals nationally and internationally and provide meeting points for them to share their experiences. We foster a positive, value-driven environment.
  • Innovation: we tackle new challenges regularly in collaboration with other stakeholders to make sure the sector and our companies achieve the best international recognition for their innovation and research of excellence.
  • Drive and efficiency: we’re enthusiastic about what we do, persevering with the association’s strategic focal points and optimising available resources.